• JP Holecka

    JP Holecka

    CEO and founder of @POWERSHiFTER and I play around w/iPhotography, Love Travel & Tech

  • Will Douglas

    Will Douglas

  • Fabian Bosler

    Fabian Bosler

    EX-Consultant turned tech geek! Business intelligence, marketing, advanced analytics, and machine learning. 👉 https://medium.com/@fabianbosler/membership 👈

  • Slava Kurilyak (slavakurilyak.eth)

    Slava Kurilyak (slavakurilyak.eth)

    🚀 Helping $1M+ brands drop & market digital assets 🤩 Founder at Phoenix Team 👉 Schedule a discovery call (link in bio)

  • Friendlilyness


  • Brandon Kindred

    Brandon Kindred

    Entrepreneur & computer science nerd that is passionate about AI, robotics, & startup life. Currently focused on improving UX processes at https://Look-see.com

  • Brian Westland

    Brian Westland

    I’m new to Medium. I’m a pop music blogger and writer on music, film and hockey. I’ve won awards… tshirts…for eating chicken wings and poutine.

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